Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Shepherd's Bush Market: public meeting tonight

The future of our Market will be debated tonight at the old library. This might seem a tad bizarre given that the Council has already formalised their plans and appointed a developer in order to carry them out, but it was the best the traders and residents opposed to the plans could manage.

One bizarre meeting resembling something from 1930s Russia later, the residents and traders it seems will finally have their say in public. I say in public because the two meetings Orion the developers who wish to build 300 flats on the old laundry site round the back of the market to offset the cash they'll spend doing up the market itself (classing Private Finance Initative stuff) have already held two meetings - but anyone who wasn't a trader or lived more than 100 metres from the Market was banned from attending.

I'll be there this evening and will post a report here - I do hope that Cllr Greenhalgh, who in fairness to him has agreed to take part, is willing to listen this time - and follow up what he hears with actions, which it appears even this public meeting failed to do in the end. The signs aren't good but hope springs eternal.

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