Friday, 24 December 2010

Andy Slaughter MP found guilty of £15.95 misuse

But Tory Greg Hands MP has cost us thousands. The Standard reported yesterday that an inquiry launched after a complaint made by neighbouring Conservative MP for Chelsea & Fulham Greg Hands had resulted in a ruling by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards that our own representative Andy Slaughter had misused his expenses to send party political material to his constituents.

Apparently Mr Slaughter used House of Commons headed notepaper and stationery to organise a rally at the House of Commons about something and should have used different paper to print his letters on. Naughty. But second mortgage or duck-house it wasn't. 

I can't think of a more ridiculous use of our tax pounds than the thousands of them it took to reach this verdict. And all this after a complaint which any objective observer can see from miles off was motivated by the sort of petty political point scoring that has resulted in politicians being regarded as worse than estate agents and journalists by the general public. So any of you wishing to share your feelings about Greg Hands' use of your hard-earned cash for this activity can do so using the following means:


  1. I got one of those letters. I certainly did not take offence and still don't. My Great grand father was an MP for 40 years pre 1st world war. In those days when MPS deserved the title of the right honerable gentalman the practice of sending letters using HP headed paper was common.

  2. Slaughter is doubtless responsible for far more serious abuses of his position than that, just those abuses haven't been revealed. As a constituent he sent an oppressive organisation copies of my private correspondence which was meant only for him; wrote to the organisation in secret after I had expressly refused consent for him to do so without consulting me first; and has refused to see me for a meeting claiming he's too busy meeting "hundreds" of constituents. If you don't have time to see all the local constituents who want to meet with you, Slaughter, you should make it.

    As for Hands he had no interest in the complaint I had made to said organisation when he was my MP before the election, although the complaint was of a far more serious nature than his petty squabble against Slaughter. Both MPs are two sides of the same coin so far as I can see - arrogant and often self-serving prigs, driven by a pompous sense of self-righteousness.