Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday to me

And Happy Christmas to you. In November 2008 I started this blog on a whim (so its actually a month past the second birthday but I forgot, OK?) after coming across what looked like an unconscious man lying next to the library just before the Green on Uxbridge Road.

He was in and out of consciousness and looked to be homeless, so I called an ambulance and tried to bring him round by talking loudly and prodding the poor bloke. Then he rolled to one side and mumbled something, I smelled the alcohol on him but also saw that his trousers were down past his backside. And that's how he'd lain there for what must according to the paramedic who turned up for at least a couple of hours because he was close to being hypothermic.

What got me about that was how I had nearly walked past him, and normally would have done, so this certainly isnt a moralising tale, but the fact was that everyone had done just that. And he could have died. And no-one would have much noticed.

So I started writing about that, and the other experiences I knew I'd come across living here, and indeed have done since. From residents fighting to save their areas from developers, to tragic incidents of senseless crime and of course this year's Battle of the Bush - the general election. And since starting the blog I've also learned a great deal about our communities here in W12 and confirmed my sense that it was one of the best corners in the capital. I've met some fantastic people doing extraordinary things for others.

And from starting out with a couple of hundred readers I now get thousands of people on here every month, most just looking for news about stuff. And most of what does appear on here gets sent by many of you too. Which brings me to my three points at the end of this Christmas ramble ...

1 - Thank-you for reading, particularly those of you who've been here from the start
2 - Thanks to all of you for sending the stories in - please keep it up, it would be a boring site if you didn't
3 - Think of others, like that guy by the library, as we enjoy this season. And if you see someone like him in this weather, do at least make that phone call. You can carry on walking if you like, but you might just save someone's life.

Happy Christmas Shepherd's Bush


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  1. Firstly Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all who reside in W12.

    Totally unrelated matter I know but a reminder to be vigilant and aware over the festive period......

    I live in Askew Crescent and recently noticed an outbreak of car burglaries in the neighbourhood. This week alone I saw a Citroen parked in St Elmo's Road with the passenger window smashed through and last night a car in the Crescent was broken into and a man was seen running towards the Uxbridge Road with a number of bags (presents) clearly stolen from the vehicle. A neighbour called the police, but to date nobody has responded and we have heard nothing more on the matter.

    Have you heard any news on this?