Thursday, 12 August 2010

Massive water outage for Shepherd's Bush: Thames Water investigate

Many of you have no water this morning. Like me you will have turned the tap on, or in my case the washing machine to get through 2 weeks worth of clothes from being abroad, to find nothing in the pipes.

Thames Water is investigating according to this update on their wesbite - I will put in a call to their press office and keep you updated throughout the day. Looking at their update this water outage is huge - it goes all the way down to Twickenham!

In the meantime, and since the local press are not onto this yet, feel free to add anything you might know (for example a broken water main!) in the comments section.

0920 UPDATE: Thames Water have confirmed that its a burst water main, and it's big! They are "working to put it right" and give an optimistic if a little vague timescale of "asap". Meanwhile I understand from another reader that some of you were stuck on an Overground train just north of Shepherd's Bush this morning. Not to worry you might think, at least they're air conditioned. Er, not when they're broken down they're not. Passengers had to force windows open for air. Ooh, it's all go round 'ere..

1030 UPDATE - Thames Water have confirmed the leak is on London Road Brentford, which is why the loss of water pressure is so widespread - that apparently affects everything from the far reaches of Twickenham through Acton up to us. Chronicle has caught up with the story here.

1430 UPDATE: Water appears to be back on, at least for me and some of you, at a lower pressure than before! BBC London have caught up with the story here - people being advised to avoid manholes in Brentford for fear of drowning!

1500 UPDATE: LBC, the radio channel supporting Ken for Mayor, has pictures of the water main burst and the flooding it caused here.

1520 UPDATE: Red faces at the Chronicle who are reporting that there has been no improvement - there has, and it has been back on for at least 2 hours. After having been slow off the mark in reporting the water outage this morning shouldn't full time journalists paid to do nothing else do a little better?!


  1. im in W12, got water back now at about 75% pressure.

  2. I am just one road past W12 and into W3 but this explains the spluttering and loss of pressure in the pipes last night/this morning. Bloody love this blog! Thanks again Chris.