Sunday, 8 August 2010

Manic Street Preachers play secret gig in Hammersmith

The proverbial "secret show" seems to be a fairly common occurrence for major recording artists about to hit the comeback trail, Hammersmith Working Men's Club is about as unlikely a venue as you're likely to find for such an event. Set in the middle of a high rise estate several stones throws away from the more widely renowned Apollo (aka The Back of Beyond), the 1960s interior decor and heavily deteriorating brickwork of the outer walls badly in need of a good pointing suggest its best days are long gone.

But choose it they did. Now read on.

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  1. Don't forget - The Manics used to be residents of Shepherds Bush and wrote a song - dedicated to and entitled 'Askew Road' ( of the Bush's finest) which featured on 'The Love of Richard Nixon' album in 2004.