Wednesday, 4 August 2010

London Assembly investigates challenge of Thames Tideway Tunnel

Our Council's favourite demon Thames Water have moved a step closer to delivering the Thames Tideway Tunnel, or as our Council call it, the "super sewer", with the Health and Public Services committee of the Greater London Authority examining the challenges of delivering this huge engineering project which is aimed at stopping the ongoing fllow of raw sewage into the Thames just next to Hammersmith.

Our Council has a tiny bit of form on this isssue, including having been found out telling a few porkies at public expense. But given that everyone else of every political persuasion and at every level of local, London and national government suppports it, its on its way. Not least because our Council, as a result of their hamfisted campaign, long ceased to have any credibility on the issue.

Here's what the GLA Committee say they are going to look at:

The Health and Public Services Committee is looking into the challenges faced in delivering the Thames Tideway project and assessing how it could affect Londoners.

Every year around 32 million tonnes of untreated sewage flows into the River Thames – enough to fill the O2 arena 15 times. To tackle the problem, a major new infrastructure project has been proposed called the Thames Tideway Interceptor Tunnels.

The Committee is looking into the challenges that Thames Water will face in delivering the project and assessing how it could affect Londoners, in terms of disruption and bill increase. It also wants to determine what role the Mayor should play in the project.

When London’s sewer system becomes overloaded from rainfall, overflows of sewage and rainwater discharge into the Rivers Lee and Thames – on average this happens more than once a week. This can have severe consequences for the ecology and amenity of the river, and potential impacts on the health of river users.

Read it in full here. Hopefully the days of our tipping gallons of poo into the river are numbered. And so are the days of telling porkies by our elected representatives. Hope springs eternal.

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