Tuesday, 31 August 2010

"Super Sewer" consultation to open in mid September

The end-game for the "super sewer stink hole" as our calm and measured Council propagandists call it is nigh. A mole tells me that the consultation will open formally in the middle of September and, among other things, give more details on the actual proposals. I'm told by another mole that people will immediately see the difference between what our Council has been saying about the proposed sewer and the reality. They've already been found out for being economical with the truth on this issue.

Questions may then be asked about the value of our money having been spent on such a pointless publicity campaign which succeeded in scaring residents and isolating our Council from even their Tory colleagues in bordering councils, City Hall and at national level.

So ... prepare to be consulted. And just in case you were in any doubt as to why this is an important issue, just down the road in Richmond a couple of days ago gallons more raw sewage was belched into the Thames because, once again, our aged sewer system wasn't able to cope with the rain. Here's hoping for a dry winter ... and less propaganda from our public servants.

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