Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The "we love Shepherd's Bush" summer festival

..is not something I'd heard of until recently, but essentially it's a collection of local businesses who have come together in what looks like a very innovative way to promote the local area .. and of course their own services. Both of which are very good things.

For a start it makes a refreshing change to see the local business community's response to the sort of depressing signs we have been seeing all around W12 recently since the onset of the recession proper, with "closed" signs hanging in front of what in some cases were very well established businesses on the Uxbridge and Askew Roads.

Now however, as you can see by looking at the flyer below, you can for the rest of the summer sample a who array of delights that relate both to the cultural diversity of our very mixed area and learn a bit more about what's on offer from our local businesses.

Led by the Happiness Centre, which I have to say is one of those places I've always walked past and had a wonder about what they do as I exit the tube, the businesses themselves hail from across Shepherd's Bush and have also set up this website along with this facebook page aimed at keeping Bushers in touch with what's coming up.

Here's what Alexis Garnaut-Miller, founder of The Happiness Centre, has to say:

"The diversity of culture, venues and activities in Shepherds Bush gives the large number of local home-based workers, community groups and employees from small and large businesses in the area a fabulous chance to mingle and get connected! We’re excited that the We Love Shepherds Bush festival of events, activities and social opportunities will bring a broad range of people together with a common objective: to explore this vibrant community.”

An excellent idea - business bouncing back and building up the area as they go. They should be proud of themselves and you should take a look at what you might want to go along to: (probably best to click on "full screen" to see the details)

We Love Shepherds Bush FLYER FINAL

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