Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fancy writing a blog?

I was contacted yesterday by a reader who's eagle eyes had noticed that the blog hadn't been updated for some time.

I did warn you in October that this was on the way, but the reader concerned had a useful idea. How about others take it on?

He's game and so might some of you be - and if you are let me know by emailing

Having started the blog back in 2008 I've taken this about as far as I can, having had some great times along the way. It's taken me out with the police one Saturday night, down a sewer to investigate flooding, into shouty meetings of our local Council and into some of our best local businesses. I half hoped I'd get to know my local neighbourhood better and it's been more rewarding than I'd ever hoped, even with some of the darker sides to where we live.

So, over to you. Who's game?

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  1. I'd have loved to help with this when I was living in the bush... unfortunately I'm now way out in Zone 6. There are so many free magazines and newsletters, even in our tiny village (I count at least five). Unfortunately, they're mainly newsletters from churches/residents associations which are very much trying to push the agenda, or they're poorly made magazines with more adverts than content.

    There isn't a blogger like you out here. I'm half-inspired to start one, but feel it might be a bit pointless given the amount of admittedly poor, but very volumous, news outlets already in circulation.

    It's a shame that the blog here is slowing down but, like my own time in the bush, it's obvious that everything comes to the end.

    On the other hand, the fact I still visit every now and again does go to show that you can't ever quite "leave" the bush... And I think that, even as your own output begins to slow down, you do know this deep inside. :-)

    Best of luck, Chris.