Monday, 14 January 2013

Who is the Poo Man of the Bush?

After blog readers played a role in nabbing the wee man of the Bush, someone else has stepped forward to claim the "filthiest person in W12" award, a much coveted trophy among the gutter dwelling fraternity. Our Council are asking for your help in identifying him.

The time is 2.40am on Sunday, January 6 and this filthy yob can clearly be seen with his pants around his ankles, taking a dump next to the brand new children’s play area on Shepherds Bush Green. The CCTV footage, which was captured using the latest Predator night vision cameras, shows the man loitering on the green and drinking from a can before picking up what appears to be a used tissue from a picnic table and walking around to the children’s play area.

At the critical moment, the man is given the shock of his life when the council's CCTV camera shines a spotlight on him.

After using the already soiled tissue to wipe up after himself he walks away from the scene, directly into the beam of the night vision camera. He can clearly be seen muttering under his breath before skid-daddling.

The man is approximately 45 years old, of medium build with a shiny bald head. He was wearing blue denim jeans and a grey hooded top with a white logo and Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) Council is appealing for anyone who knows the man to get in touch. Have a look at him in action below:

My old friend Cllr Greg Smith, H&F Council Deputy Leader, said:
“I have rarely seen such bare-faced cheek. This was not a medical emergency, it was a premeditated act next to a new play area which is used by families and children every day. But our CCTV cameras mean this individual has really dumped himself in it. We are calling on all decent residents to help us find this revolting yob by viewing the YouTube clip before he strikes again.”
Frankly let's hope the police get to him before Cllr Smith does, for his own safety

The incident was captured by brand new CCTV cameras which were installed by the council as part of a £2million makeover of the green. Footage from cameras is beamed into a new CCTV control hub at Hammersmith Town Hall - which streams images from around 800 cameras and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and utilises the latest high definition, infra-red and LED technology.

If you know who this man is, please email or call 020 8753 2693

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  1. It would be a good opportunity to point out the new 24-hour public toilets that were installed during the makeover of the Green (my guess).