Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Blog, New Team!

Last Friday evening a group of Bushers met at the Bush Theatre café (where else) to talk about the future of this blog. It got off to a predictably amusing start as none of us knew what each other looked like so we were all sat in different corners of the room. Then, like characters in a daytime US sitcom we somehow stumbled across each other and got down to business!

A while ago now I sounded a warning that, for various reasons, my updating of the blog was going to slow down. Ironically enough this week it’s been updated almost daily because lots of stuff has been going on, but the fact is I am being increasingly drawn away.

One reader suggested that instead of letting the site wither that others could write for it too, and that was what we were there to talk about. I am really delighted that four new authors are joining the team and will, henceforth, be authors on this site. They’re all committed Bushers and are interested in different things. Allow me to introduce you:

Bart Govaert: Bart was born and raised in Belgium, but he has been living in W12 since last century. He has 2 kids, and works as a software program manager. His interests in W12 include news, food, schools and human interest stories.

Simon Grange: Born-and-bred Londoner Simon describes himself as a freelance international management consultant with a hyper-critical eye who is always looking to find ways of making or doing things better. He moved to Shepherd's Bush in 2006.

Nathalie Bristow: Nathalie is a project manager for events, fundraising and business start-ups with As the owner of Cupboard Cafe and now Events Manager at she is passionate about telling the world about W12s creative powress and the people who make it happen.

Peter MacLeod: Peter is a professional writer with almost 25 years' experience across consumer and, latterly, business-to-business (B2B) publishing. He currently edits a leading trade publication for the logistics industry, and has lived just off Shepherd's Bush Green with his family for three years.

I’m really looking forward to reading what comes and I hope you do too. It’s a big change for this blog, to go from being my own soapbox, that I’ve tried to use to capture the good, the weird, the bad and the inspiring of the Bush with, to being a more open community site. Will it work? Time will tell, but the readers are still coming and that’s got to be a good sign.

If you’d like to join the team email me at

In the meantime, enjoy the read!



  1. I'm glad that the blog will keep moving onwards. It's always good to hear about new restaurants, bars and developments in the Bush as well as reading differing opinions on the area.

    Out of interest, do you know how many people read this blog?

  2. Good to see that the blog will evolve rather than fade away.

    Out of interest, do you know how readers this blog has?

    From a personal viewpoint, I like to read about restaurant and bar reviews, finding out about new ventures opening in the Bush as well as local news stories.