Monday, 7 January 2013

Why you should avoid T-Mobile

T for Terrible
Following the exhibition of humanity shown by a stranger in returning my phone yesterday, I've had nothing but incompetence and shambles from T-Mobile.

And I report this just in case any of you are thinking of joining them!

Yesterday I was told by two people in their UK call centre, conveniently located in the Philippines, that a replacement SIM card would be with me within 24 hours. All part of the service I was told. No problem.

By mid afternoon today, having stayed at home for the day in order to receive it, I called again. Oh yes, sir, just be patient it will be with you before 6pm. Guaranteed.

Strange, since the UK team (the ones actually in the UK) on Twitter told me that was wrong and that it would take 3-5 days.

So this evening I call the Philippines again and I'm told oh no, nobody ever told you 24 hours, it's 3 days. Maximum. Obviously.

How do I complain, I asked? Well, you could always visit our website and give us some "feedback".

Avoid them like the plague...

09.01.13 UPDATE - Wow, I thought my T-Mobile nightmare was over but it seems it's the gift that keeps on giving. Having eventually received my SIM card I installed it last night... and ever since then the phone has been stuck on a constant restart sequence with no possibility of turning it off until the battery runs out. And then no promise of it working again after that. Looking on the internet I find that this has happened to many people who are the not so proud owners of an HTC One S phone - so it seems they've gladly handed out handsets that they know to have a serious software problem.

T-Mobile - Truly Terrible.

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