Monday, 14 January 2013

By-election: Tory own goal

H&F Conservatives posted a mocking piece on their blog yesterday, pointing out that Labour's candidate for the Wormholt & White City byelection lives in Parsons Green, at the leafy and well heeled other end of the borough. A far cry from the White City Estate where his well respected predecessor lived.

This proved, they said, that Labour took the area for granted, before listing a series of achievements they argued that the council had delivered for residents of the area.

I read on, through the article, with baited breath. Having attacked Labour's candidate they were surely about to unveil a shining example of their own .... must be coming up soon .... keep reading ....

But no. No candidate for the Conservatives yet, at least not on their official website. What does that say about how important they think the by-election is?

And that, Ladies & Gents, is what you call a political own goal.

Mind you, Labour's candidate for our area is going to have a real schlep getting up here and back once he gets elected. I've done a guide for him - we're a helpful lot in this ward!

Max Schmid's political journey

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