Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Labour candidate for Bush election unveiled

Max Schmid
Labour has unveiled the next councillor for Wormholt & White City Ward - for that he shall be in the forthcoming byelection in this safe Labour seat. The election comes in the wake of the very sad death of Jean Campbell, who was a pillar of the community in every sense of that often over-used phrase. I say that as a former constituent of hers.

Max Schmid is the candidate and he will be elected in the byelection early in January. The good news for us is that he has made the proposed closure of our police station to the public a key issue he plans on fighting. Not a moment too soon.

Max is a seasoned campaigner for the Labour Party having run for elected office in North End ward in 2010. He currently works for a charity that supports some of the most vulnerable communities in the developing world.

Max said:
“I am honoured to be chosen for this campaign. Jean Campbell was an inspiration and I will do all I can to live up to her legacy and to the high standards she set.

“Wormholt and White City is made up of many vibrant communities yet many of its residents face untold hardship because of the Conservatives’ hospital closures, because they’re closing Shepherds Bush Police Station and cutting police numbers and because of the awful things they’re doing on housing. I will campaign to defend the people in this ward and work for better outcomes for all that live there. Jean Campbell wanted to see so much done in this area and it will be my privilege to carry on working to bring about the changes she cared for so much should I be elected in the New Year.”
 The Borough’s Labour Leader, Councillor Stephen Cowan said:
“Max is one of the most hard-working people I know. He has already got to work in the ward attending community meetings and hearing about the issues residents care about. He is a fantastic candidate.”

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  1. Would it be possible to get more details on the Jan 17th court hearing re Shepherds Bush Market development? many thanks