Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sewermen Gangnam Style

If you thought our Council was capable of producing the most cringeworthy video you have ever seen then I think Thames Water have just about pipped them even to that post with this offering, based on the gagnam style that has seen spoofs all over the world!
These guys have a serious message, which is a plea to people over the festive period not to block the drains

Thames Water spends £12 million a year clearing around 80,000 sewer blockages across its 109,000km of sewers in London and the Thames Valley. In some cases these blockages cause sewage to back up into people’s homes.

Rob said: “This Christmas, before you pour your turkey fat down the sink, ask yourself if you'd like to see it again in a week later swimming around your lounge with a load of excrement - because that's a very real possibility.

“Our video is a bit of festive fun with a very serious message. Sewer flooding results in people literally getting their own back. It’s horrific. It’s got to stop. That’s why we’re hell-bent on getting people to take heed of the Sewermen’s war cry: ‘Bin it – don’t block it’. Got it?”

He added: “We might not be the first organisation to do one of these Gangnam Style videos, but we’re the first to do it this badly",

Difficult to disagree.

I actually interviewed Rob after my own trip down the sewer in 2010 - so here's another chance to hear their views on everything from climate change to what a day in the life of a sewerman is really like:

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