Friday, 9 September 2011

Parents snap kids dodging traffic and demand lights

Parents of children who go to school in W14, just off Shepherd's Bush Road, have launched a petition to campaign for the installation of traffic calming measures on the busy road to avoid what they say is an accident waiting to happen.

In the online petition, which is aimed at Transport for London Traffic Signals Division and Hammersmith and Fulham Council, the parents say:
"A less than optimal set of crossings existed on the thoroughfare of Shepherds Bush Road in Brook Green. One crossing has been defunct for some time, and the other at Blythe Road had continued to pose a risk to pedestrians whilst in operation.

At minimum one child has been injured at this particular crossing within the last few months. At minimum two school Governing bodies have formally written with concerns about the crossing within the last few months.

The crossing was scheduled to be replaced with a safer Puffin crossing before school resumed for the year 2011-2012, however the work has not yet been completed.

This leaves a long stretch of a busy road open to speeding traffic. There are two major primary schools within a very short distance, and almost 10 schools within a kilometre. It is a neighbourly area with many pedestrians. No interim safety measures have been taken to ensure the safety of pedestrians or the many children taking this route to school".
  And they set out their demand in stark terms to TFL and the Council:
"We insist that temporary lights for a safer crossing be installed immediately at Shepherds Bush Road/Blythe Road until such time as the new permanent crossing is installed and operational". 
Judging by the photos - which clearly demonstrate children literally running to slip between the cars, the Council need to respond to this as soon as possible. In my experience of dealing with TFL, expecting them to lift a finger is pointless.

It's perhaps helpful that the relevant councillor for this is Nick Botterill, who is one of the most effective members of the current administration at Hammersmith Town Hall. He has in my experience responded very quickly to concerns like this and acted to fix things that needed fixing, such as the time cowboy builders made a mess of Shepherd's Bush Green.

So come on Cllr Botterill, step up to the plate!


  1. There are plenty of safe places to cross on that road, they should be used. If kids decide to cross in stupid place parents should be yelling at them, not trying to make an already problematic road needlessly more difficult for everyone else.

  2. The crossing in question is right next to another which has been defunct for some time. The one at Sterndale is not necessarily 'safe' - as soon as the light changes to amber, drivers press through on the amber in a hostile and impatient manner, regardless of people being in the road. Driver behaviour makes that crossing almost as dangerous as the missing one - if not moreso. At least with more than one operational light on that long stretch pedestrians had a chance against slower traffic; now it is a speedway.

    It is not so easy for the elderly to just stroll down to the next crossing either.

  3. Boris was planning to remove two of the crossings either side of Netherwood Rd as part of the plan to free up traffic, I think this was reported in the past here.....
    Iain Muir

  4. One was removed - it was very close to this one. This particular crossing was due to be replaced with a different 'Puffin' style crossing which is supposed to be safer for pedestrians. From what I gathered the work was to be finished just before school started, but as these things go, it took longer. I heard it was due to be finished end of next week. The issue is in not having sorted out the safety point. I hear the great staff at Cafe Rouge have been walking elderly people across the street to help keep them safe (hard for them to go to the next crossings and then back up or down).

  5. Although I'll admit I'm not familiar with the current state of pedestrian crossings on Shepherds Bush Road, not having driven down it for a few months; I have to say that it's never been noted for speeding traffic, let alone being a raceway, in my lifetime. And I'm approaching 59, Bush born and bred. And although I no longer live there, I still visit regularly.


  6. Okay, here's the 'facts'. There were 2 crossings supported by traffic lights one at the corner of Netherwood and the one at the corner of Blythe Road. Both these roads provide access to 2 primary schools, several play schools, doctor's surgeries, etc, also there is a very popular bus stop between therefore local residents need to be able to cross these roads safely.

    The traffic lights were removed from the crossing adjacent to Netherwood Road some months ago and although this did cause some problems, the traffic lights adjacent to Blythe Road did help by stopping traffic which allowed pedestrians to cross at both at the same time.

    However, the removal of the lights at Blythe Road means there are no lights now between Brook Green and the next crossing at Sulgrave Road - a gap of nearly half a mile. In that gap there are 15 Roads adjoining Shepherds Bush Road many of which house families who regular need to cross Shepherds Bush Road.

    At peak times, the traffic is slow which does make it slighty easier to cross (though you do take your life in your hands) however, when not so busy the traffic builds up speed and races along making it near impossible to cross.

    I have absolutely no clue what the councils is thinking about however, it does not seem to be thinking about the safety of local residents who need to cross this road!

    Shepherds Bush Road resident