Thursday, 1 September 2011

Voodoo on Shepherd's Bush Green

Feathers, string and a SMURF hanging from a tree! Strange goings on this morning in W12 as traces of what must surely be voodoo magic were placed across the Green, freaking me out on the trek to the gym on a cold and crisp Autumnal morning.

First to catch the eye was a strange arrangement of bird feathers, placed sticking out of the ground and separated by a piece of string carefully tied in a bow. And all within a box traced in the ground around them.

Then a disemboweled Smurf, of all things, dangling from a nearby tree grinned at me as it swayed in the breeze with his arms outstretched!

So what is this, a new cult of the Bush - or just a bunch of pissed kids 'avin a larf? You be the judge. 

Oh, and on the way back home, look at what I saw on the top of someone's roof in a quiet suburban W12 street - we're a strange lot in Shepherd's Bush, you see...


  1. Hmm, I wonder if this is connected to the bits of dead pigeon that appeared in my yard!

  2. Maybe someone buried their cat, looking at the rectangular outline??

  3. You lot leave my autumn solstice bits alone

  4. i read this last week and wondered who did it, even thought it could be our very own blogger, filling a gap on his page, but coming across it again, it just dawned on me... this is probably from the travellers who set-up camp there when they bought their fairground to the Green recently. Ive heard they do voodoo - for good as well as bad spells. Wonder what they wished for? Space for a fair when the Green is rejuvenated perhaps?

  5. Premjit - I can assure you that I do not posess the creative skills required for this!

  6. Ha-ha, I noticed that gargoyle on top of that house a few months ago myself! Took me about 5 years of regularly walking along there, mind.