Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tony Fernandes runs Twitter comp for QPR tickets

QPR, for the first time in years, is being run by human beings. And what's more a human being with a sense of humour and a desire to relate to the fans. So it was no surprise to see Air Asia founder and new QPR owner Tony Fernandes announcing out of the blue a Twitter competition to give away tickets to the forthcoming QPR-Newcastle fixture on Monday night.

As people scrabbled to win the tickets with witty tweets a few were lucky enough to be picked and will take their places in the Directors Box, but it was also great to see the banter you hear in the stands being replicated as well - one of the fans told Mr Fernandes he could keep his Director's Box seats because she preferred the loft - but if he wanted to join him she'd buy him a pie!

Two things about this - that the owner can even bring himself to engage with fans on any level is a new departure for this club and something we have been lacking for a very long time indeed. But secondly, think of the symbolism here - the fans sitting in the Directors Box. Only for a game, and only because of a nice little competition that generated a few laughs - but can you imagine that happening under any of their previous owners?

Many of us, myself included, can't afford to go anymore as a result of the old regime but we'll be cheering them on from outside. When I last interviewed Neil Warnock it was clear to me at least that much more of the old regime and he wouldn't be there much longer either. But we're in very safe hands at both levels now.

Mr Fernandes is not about to hand control to some kind of fans group and nor should he - but he does see himself on a level with them and wants to hear what they have to say. And that, my friends, bodes very well indeed.

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  1. Thanks Tony for all you are doing for our great club. I didn't think my pension would allow me to get to a game this season but you have made it all possible. As a 70+ year supporter it means a lot to me to be able to get along to one or two matches this season and hopefully in seasons to come before I shuffle off this mortal coil!