Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Westfield expansion - planning application published

Will the Council hurriedly take this one down as well now that I am linking to it? Just a day after H&F Council reacted to this article on the Orion Shepherd's Bush Market application, which promises to demolish the Goldhawk Terrace of shops in spite of the fact that there is an outstanding Court hearing for judicial review, (not to mention a promise made by the Council Leader not to do so at this public meeting), by taking the whole thing down claiming that it was "deemed confidential", I bring you news of another recently published application.

This time it's the plan to build, build build lots of flats on the area to the North of Ariel Way under the White City Opportunity Area Planning Framework. A blog reader has pointed out to me that during the public consultation on this controversial development the figure of 1,700 homes was used - but it seems this application has increased that to a nice round 2,000.

And local argument centres on the extent to which these homes will be affordable or not - the Council started by saying "many" which was deliberately vague but then confirmed to me in response to this article that it would be 40%. But the opposition Labour group on the Council dispute this, claiming that there is a minimal real-terms increase given that many existing council tenants will simply be moved from one area of the borough and rehoused in the new development.

Here's what the application says in full:

Outline Planning Application (All Matters Reserved) for comprehensive redevelopment of site to comprise a mixed use scheme consisting of new additions and alterations to the existing shopping centre, erection of three new blocks (Blocks A, B & C) ranging from 8-20 storeys (plus basement level) connected to a podium (above existing ground level) to the north of the shopping centre, erection of an 8-12 storey free standing block (Block D) to the south of Wood Lane Station, erection of a building up to 8 storeys to the east of DIMCO Building (Block E), erection of a 4-5 storey addition to western wall of the existing shopping centre (Block F) adjacent to Wood Lane,  to facilitate the provision of up to 50,855 sqm  Class A1 (Retail), up to 5,070sqm Classes A3, A4 and A5 (Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Hot-food Take-away use), up to 540sqm Class B1 (Offices), up to 1,520sqm Class D1 (Community use) and up to 1,758sqm Class D2 (Leisure use) floorspace (All Gross Internal Areas) and up to 1,646 (Class C3) residential units with associated private and communal garden areas and amenity spaces (including balconies/terraces), provision of an energy centre together with associated development including new and enhanced public realm across the site with new open spaces, pedestrian and cycle routes, vehicular access and servicing facilities, retention of existing bus station , stabling area and DIMCO buildings and the demolition of existing industrial buildings and associated structures, the closure and alteration of highways.

Either way you can takes a look yerself here on the Council's website - and this time I have taken a screen grab just in case they get freaked out and take it down again. (deep breaths)

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  1. I wonder what the feed back was from the "consultation" process that Westfield's PR folk gathered up at their public exhibitions in July.