Monday, 12 September 2011

Boris backs Super Sewer

The Mayor of London has delivered a slap across the cheeks to our Council in his Daily Telegraph column, claiming that the Thames Tideway Tunnel, or "super sewer" as our Council likes to dramatically call it, i svery much the only show in town.

The Mayor says: "This new super-sewer is the right thing to do for the environment – and it is above all the right kind of thing to do for a country still struggling to get back to growth". He goes on: "it is largely a question of vision, and of political will".

Well it's very much not the will of H&F Council and this diary entry will likely not be going down very well this morning in Hammersmith Town Hall. But it seems Mr Johnson, after getting on the fence in the face of sustained lobbying from both H&F and Wandsworth, has decided to get back off it and nail his colours to the mast. The sewer, it seems, is very much on. 


  1. [[See recent David Walliams stories...]]

  2. Kind of makes a case for not dumping sewage in the river whether or not you agree with the Thames Tunnel???