Friday, 27 March 2009

Police in mourning?

Shepherd's Bush Police StationThe flag has flown at half mast for the best part of this week at Shepherd's Bush police station, which is an ominous sign. I haven't come across any local reports that would explain this, such as the death of a colleague. I hope very much that this is not the case and that the flag has been lowered in memory of someone who has died from other more normal causes.

I once had the dubious priviledge of watching a drugs bust on Uxbridge Road early one morning, at about 6 am. Some police in full riot gear were charging out of the station and across into a side road. Then I heard two loud explosions and by the time I'd reached that street I saw them all rushing headlong into the house. An officer in charge saw me watching and explained that the noises had been stun grenades. They needed them because they were not sure what would be on the other side of the door. He didnt say that it was a drugs bust but it was fairly obvious that they were raising the house for that reason.

What struck me then, and should strike everyone every time they see them in action in London, is how desperately lucky we all are to have them. I couldn't do the job and I bet you couldn't either. If one of them has suffered tragically, which might account for the flag being at half mast, I can only hope that we all reflect on that the next time we jump to criticise them for something. They get enough crap in Shepherd's Bush as it is.

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