Wednesday, 4 March 2009

MPs privacy vote

armed-police-guardLife in the public eye is something most of us never have to contend with, but what if it was your job and you had a family to think about as well? That's the situation Members of Parliament find themselves in and 2 nights ago they voted to shield their home addresses from being published in some places.

Most people would not realise that MP's home addresses, and even those of people standing as candidates , are published. I stood as a council candidate for the Labour Party in Barnet a few years ago and my own was published too. Its the law.

There has been quite a bit of controversy about this vote with one Tory commentator condemning any MP that doesnt want their home address to be completely in the open. He is not an MP.

Here in Shepherds Bush we have a constant reminder of the risks MPs take by being in the public eye like that, with one very senior member of the cabinet having a constant armed police guard outside his house. 

Our own MP, Andy Slaughter, voted against this measure and was in favour of all addresses being kept public. Was he right?

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