Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Bob Crow's RMT go on strike again

bob-crowIts spring, the flowers are out, the sun is is getting warmer which must mean .. yes thats right Bob Crow's RMT are gearing up as they usually do at this time of year for another go at hiking their wages at taxpayers expense.

This year, as we see thousands of people laid off as part of the recession and things likely to get worse before they get better, is no exception. As far as Bob Crow and the RMT are concerned we're all still fair game.

The ballot they have announced is a foregone conclusion, although on other blogs it is noticeable that a few RMT members have already themselves written in to say they personally don't support it. One member here expressing her sadness at seeing commuters who have lost their jobs passing through the gates with their boxes, from cleared desks.

Bob Crow is a communist however and counts Arthur Scargill among his mentors. So no such qualms from him. He will press on regardless, and we will all be held to ransom once again, until Transport for London cave in. Once again.

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