Wednesday, 18 March 2009

QPR: too little, too late

QPR did something unusual last night, they won. The first in ten games it still comes too late for anything like a serious push for the play off places. I'm reminded of the criticism Arsenal used to get when Arsene Wenger used to constantly talk about "building" his new young side when all his fans wanted was for them to win something.

So this first full season, which for the fans started with the controversy over inflated ticket prices and then an embarassing u-turn by the self same owners has ended with a damp squib.

If next season is anything less than automatic promotion I would have to start thinking that our new owners might just get a bit bored with their new toy and think about giving it to someone else. The difference, of course, will be what happens in transfers in the intervening months.

Time will tell.


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