Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I predict a G20 riot?

police-at-bankNo. I predict a damp squib.

Journalists have been having repeated orgasmic experiences for the past week climaxing in today's outpourings of lurid headlines predicting 'London Lockdown' and other dire doom laden scenarios.

What do these over-excited journalists, who psychologists would believe are over compensating for something they may not be getting enough of at home, think that a bunch of swampy like figures with bad hair styles and even worse body odour issues are going to do in the world's most heavily policed square miles, tomorrow?

I remember the last time bankers were warned to dress down amid similar predictions - nothing happenned except a couple of niversity drop outs were arrested for breaking and entry.

I predict no more than 15 arrests and lots of pictures of that weird professor guy from east London university being carried off by men in blue suits, who will surely hand him over to those nice men in white suits before long. I just hope the football is more entertaining.

UPDATE: 24 arrests so far and no pictures of strange professor. Three broken windows. 5,000 protestors. Was it really worth all the doom-laden reporting? I think not.

UPDATE: Wednesday 8th April - the tragic death of Ian Tomlinson at the hands of what was clearly an out of control riot policeman wearing a balaclava has put a completely different complexion on all this of course. We sometimes forget that despite the fact that they are in a uniform they are still young men just as capable of losing it as anyone else. And they should be held just as responsible for that.

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