Monday, 28 March 2011

Shepherd's Bush residents set to mourn H&F News?

Here's an interesting thought from a reader called Kirsty about the impending demise of Council propaganda paper "H&F News". I think it's quite an interesting commentary, not least because of what she says about how not all residents were fooled into thinking it was a legitamate paper, but also what she has to say about the Fulham Chronicle's alternative coverage.

What will be interesting is whether or not the Chronicle's attempt to turn Council propaganda carrier itself, may lead to the paper morphing into a pseudo H&F News, of the kind that Kirsty says she will miss.

Here's what she has to say:

I think it's a shame we're losing H&F News. I enjoyed reading its good news stories and celebrations of our local community and now I've moved out if its distribution area I really miss it. When I started receiving the Fulham Chronicle I found it unneccesarily critical, negative and one of the worst culprits of media scare-mongering I had ever read. It wasn't worth my time and started going straight in the bin.

H&F News was a well written and enjoyable read and a great way of keeping our local council to account. Yes it was one-sided, but it was a refreshingly jolly print and a great way of tackling apathy by communicating with voters about positive differences the council can make. Fulham Chronicle and even this blog are also one-sided. There are always going to be people who are in favour or against every political issue. I always read a variety of news sources to ensure a balanced view of the 'facts' before making up my mind on an issue. I don't agree with the proposed re-developments but I'm glad to have had the opportunity to read the Council and Tessa Maison's views in H&F News and come to this conclusion myself. Now with only the Fulham Chronicle to read I won't get both sides of the story and moreover, I'll only get to hear the horror stories from the Borough.

The H&F News may only show one rose-tinted-spectacled side but I read it as a council newsletter and treated the 'news' I was reading as such. The Fulham Chronicle more than balanced it out with criticism (sometimes just for criticism sake). Without H&F News we will be misled to believe that nothing and nobody good does anything in our Borough.

What do you think?


  1. I think Kirsty has a well balanced attitude. However I found H&F News sickly in its jollity about Council affairs, and my chief objection was that I was paying for its production.

  2. Kirsty calls it "a refreshingly jolly print".

    Well, that says it all, really.

    With H&F News, I'm just told that everything is fab, and Greenhalgh is doing a darned fine job. It's as bad as Pravda, let's face it. There's no room for criticism of the council in H&F News's world.

  3. Hear hear Kirsty! H7F News didn't attempt to disguise the fact that it is / was a newsletter, and I too will miss its demise

    SG - Askew Ward

  4. At least you got to hear what is going on, who is involved and then make up your own mind about the under-current issues. Criticism can be formed in your own mind not just in print.

  5. I agree with Kirsty. It will be missed. H&F News was obviously a council publication to me, and always read in that light. The Chronicle's a pretty miserable read most of the time. The community features, local business features, What's On and sports stuff will be sadly missed too - none of the other local papers even get close to the quality of these.

    @Anonymous (28 March 09:54). If you're not paying for H&F News, you'll still be paying for other council communications in just the same way. The newspaper was a far more interesting read for your money than the pamphlets, factsheets and brochures that will inevitably take its place.