Monday, 14 March 2011

Hard times at Fulham Chronicle

OK so I may have posted something I shouldn't have earlier on, which was the screengrab of a local journo, Adam Courtney, looking for another job using the newspapers own public Twitter feed.

Relevant to Shepherd's Bush? Yes, in my view, because it is an insight into how well the local press is or is not doing at a time when there are real and current questions about the likely impact of them turning propaganda carriers for the very Council they are supposed to be reporting on. And it aint just me raising those questions, but a number of local politicians from more than one party.

But on a personal level I got a phone call earlier today from said journo who, it's fair to say, was quite upset - so the image is gone because I don't want to upset anyone. I would just point out that to use your own employers public Twitter feed like that probably wasn't the cleverest of ideas in the first place. And you'd think a journalist might have realised that. 

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  1. Your favourite? Err..he's the one who defended H&F News and completely failed to appreciate that state propaganda on the rates is not what a pluralist society is about...