Friday, 11 March 2011

Video: Teen killings in London

Sofyen Belamouadden, 15, was murdered in Victoria station by a gang of youths nearly a year ago to the day. He was from Acton/Shepherd's Bush and a pupil at Henry Compton School. The trial of the people accused of his murder, which followed a grimly familiar pattern of pathetic gangs arranging to meet and fight each other on facebook and some child dying as a result, was halted in January after the jury had to be discharged.

Our own gang call themselves Murder Dem Pussies, you can see "MDP" scrawled on some of the walls and fences in W12. They usually scrap with another one from further up the Uxbridge Road and every now and again someone also gets stabbed and killed. Like Kodjo Yenga. Or shot. Like Craig Brown.

I know some of both lots read this blog because they usually leave threatening comments which I then delete. So I ask them - and the rest of you - to watch this video which has been produced detailing all of the killings than have taken place of young people in London in the last two years.

And then ask yourself, if you are in a gang, do you want to be next? Or do you want a future?


  1. That stupid "Respect" culture gets more idiotic by the day - if only the outcome of morons demanding "Respect" wasn't so tragic.

  2. That video is such a sad catalogue of wasted young lives - and yet lessons are not learned and it will continue. The trajedy of death though, is not felt by the perpetrators.

  3. Seriously these pathetic gangs are all evil murderers.. They have no morals or respect for anyone around them, they only care about themselves and their so called ''REP'' when these pathetic youths grow up they will realise how pathetic they were and how embarrassing their behaviour was for themselves and for their families. Going around killing people is NOT how normal people live..I suggest they get their heads sorted out.