Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Violent incident on Goldhawk Road

A young male was apparently the victim of a violent incident on Goldhawk Road last night according to some of you. I have put in a call to the local police press officer and will report more when I have it but in the meantime, just like you did during this incident, please let your fellow Bushers know via the comments if you are aware of anything.

0945 UPDATE: The Police have just given me this statement - it was a glassing with a broken bottle.

Police were called at approx. 18:20hrs on Tuesday 8th March to reports of a serious assault outside an Off Licence along Goldhawk Road, W12.

Officers and LAS (London Ambulance Service)

A 38year old male was attacked with a broken glass bottle. The male was taken to a local West London hospital with several gashes to his head.

A 45yr old male was arrested on scene by police and taken to a separate hospital with injuries to his hand and remains in police custody.

Now then, I wonder if this is the same Off Licence with an outstanding application - Londis of 20 Goldhawk Road - to sell booze until 2am. Even if it's not I defy any Councillor in Hammersmith Town Hall to look favourably on any future applications of that sort in Shepherd's Bush.


  1. Thank you, as always for keeping us updated Chris,

    I ran past the scene some time after (about 7.30pm) and it still looked bloody/messy with police still keeping the scene cordoned off. It wasn't outside Londis and was actually the opposite side of the road at the Off Licence that is two doors down from London Joggers and right near a busy bus stop.

    Very unpleasant...

  2. I'd have put money on it being that particular location. Whenever I pass, there are always a few people completely off their heads hanging around. I don't think the proximity to a cheap off licence is a coincidence.

  3. it's also the general area that our Council wish to move a homeless hostel to as a result of their plans for Shepherd's Bush Market. So more fun and games are in store in the months to come.

  4. Thanks Chris as always! I was there at 6.30pm so just after the incident happened and I can tell you it's is not a sight i will forget for a long while. I hadnt realised something major had happened until i heard the whimpering of the guy due to the already very crowded bus stop. The injured man seemed much younger and in a very bad way. I overheard the nice lady helping him asking another male if/why they had done this, very bizzarre. I wasnt sure he'd been 'bottled' but the injuries represented that type of attack. (along with liquid and glass all over the floor :-) ) I hope he is ok.

    Not just this off license there are a large number on the Goldhawk Road however that one does seem to have constant 'loiterers' (possibly cheaper than others?) but all bus stops are the place to hang out so the convenience of the two together does seem to create more chance of trouble.

    I live on Lime Grove so used to experiencing the effects of hostels/resource centres. It's a very tough subject. 'not in my back yard' type opinion is not one i necessarily agree with but see both sides of the argument.

    Chris, there were talks of reopening the lime grove resource centre. Is there any update on those plans since the last big discussion?

    Donna @donutsdelights

  5. Application was refused BTW! Some sense at LBHF but only after considerable local residents campaigned!

  6. An incident such as this really makes you wonder as to whether these cheap off licenses are really necessary in the area at all.

  7. In the past few months I've been asked for money by men on the corner of the Goldhawk Road and Askew Road - don't want to necessarily assume it's for alcohol, but that's the impression they give. It's when I've been passing around 5pm in the evening, I'm with my baby and it's always unsettling. I've never noticed this problem before at this end of Goldhawk Road and am wondering if it has anything to do with off-licences on the Askew Road?