Friday, 16 October 2009

Nick Griffin and the BNP come to town

GriffinI won't be in the Bush to see this but steel yourself fellow Bushers for the arrival of a bunch of flag waving bomber jacketed booted thugs with shaved heads next thursday. The BBC, in its onward search for the shock factor to boost ratings, has invited BNP leader Nick Griffin on to the Question Time programme. No venue is stupid enough to host a meeting like that so its going to take place at White City. Which means that those of us who live here have to put up with what is likely to be hordes of police, the inevitable closure of Wood Lane and nightmare traffic.

Just so a Hitler lover (and this time not Bernie Ecclestone) can have his platform on the telly. Cheers BBC.


  1. Personally, I think a little inconvenience for W12 residents is a small price to pay for having the lunatics of the BNP held up for all to see, and I like seeing where the local racists are so I can avoid them.

    Of course, the fact that your average BNP voter isn't likely to be watching Question Time in the first place renders the whole thing rather moot.

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