Sunday, 4 October 2009

Conservative Party conference 2009

toryrosetteAs you read this I shall be driving up the M1 to the last of the three main party conferences in the UK, and I can't wait for them to be over!

I did meet our MP Andy Slaughter at last week's Labour conference and may see Shaun Bailey his Tory challenger for our constituency this week. Full report on those discussions to follow.

In the meantime have a good week and send some sun my way - the next couple of posts will be from a hotel room in rainy Manchester!


  1. While you are there check out whether Westminster are following in LBHF's footsteps with their estates. See Inside Housing piece,, and the first comment on it below. Enjoy the sunshine and hot air.....

  2. thanks - plenty of hot air here and Stephen Greenhalgh spotted too. Boris Johnson busy going out of his way to annoy Cameron by talking about Europe and even posing for pictures outside with lots of tory young things! Freezing cold. Can't wait to get back to old London town