Saturday, 3 October 2009

Meet the sentencers: West London Magistrates Court

justice is servedI just received this invite via the Brackenbury Residents Association mailing list, so thanks to them for that. I'm going to go along and hope to find out a bit more about how this sentencing system works. I've reported on some of the more serious crimes that have scarred the Bush and surrounding areas before like here.

But the thing that often leaves me speechless are the sometimes pathetic sentences that are handed down, that seem almost to reward the criminal. I'm not a member of the hang 'em flog 'em brigade, and I'm not advocating some draconian new code, but I am interested in knowing more about how our local gang members, for example, get dealt with. Feel free to reply to the advert, the text of which I've pasted below, too.

Thursday 26th November 2009 from 18:00 until 20:30

An evening at

181 Talgarth Road, Hammersmith

W6 8DN

An opportunity to learn about the sentencing process and to exchange viewpoints with the sentencers

Free Fish & Chip Supper!

Tour of the Courthouse!

RSVP Lisa Trinder

T: 020 8700 9320



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