Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Shepherd's Bush Gasworks


The 'temporary site' for gas works which sprang up a few weeks ago now resembles a full scale military camp. Camp Gastion (geddit) now boasts a fully paved, concreted and raised verandah for the builders and is now surrounded by piles of materials. Just to reiterate I have no problems with fixing gasworks, but how long will our Green be occupied by this foreign force?!

And judging by H&F Council's past record of clearing up the Green I think its safe to assume that this part of our open space will now be out of action for the duration of the summer.


  1. And how about the LBHF "depot" now dumped on the doorsteps of residents of 97 - 101 Macfarlane Rd off Wood Lane. As if having Westfield erected opposite for years of hideous and noisy construction was not enough, the Council then dumps its depot of massive containers, for which I doubt there is permission, on the area designated as gardens for the tennants. Little wonder the rat population exploded when each container is elevated by several inches and provides ideal and inaccessible nesting for the little dears. We are told that the depot is to remain until next year!

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