Monday, 13 July 2009

New overground trains - but not for us!

new trainThe Mayor today unveiled brand new shiny trains ready to take the strain of hard pressed commuters who use the Overground network around the outer Boroughs of London. I, along with what seems like an ever growing number of Bush residents, use the Overground link between our new station at Shepherd's Bush and Clapham Junction, in order to get to my office in south London.

Sadly these super duper new trains won't actually come on stream however until 2011 and the first few new ones, which boast much more space and air conditioning, will only be available on what has been described the 'northern part of the line', which I took to mean from Willesden Junction to down Highbury/Hackney way. So don't kiss goodbye to those battered old relics that take us north and south of the river just yet! But hope is on the way...

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