Friday, 17 July 2009

Mayor's Expenses Time

Ian ClementAn absolutely pathetic exchange took place in the glorious seat of our devolved government the London Assembly this week relating to the Mayor's Deputy Ian Clements, who abused his expenses.

Is this sorry shower of second class politicians really what we pay our taxes for as Londoners?

Witness the sorry spectacle. (Click on 'Mayor's Question Time - 15 July)


  1. Sorry indeed! It is a pity that Boris Johnson does not spend as much time ensuring that London residents around the Westfield sites are offered reasonable protection from the effects of such huge developments as he does endorsing them, shcmoozing with the developers and turning up at Westfield for every opening and topping off ceremony!! Why can't he bring some pressure to bear on LBHF CL Greenhalgh to get on and sort out the difficulties.... this year would be nice!

  2. The huge Westfield site - from the distance an ugly group of concrete boxes- not only increases traffic movements in west London-but has affected, adversly. nearby shopping centres such as Kensington High Street, Portobello. Hammersmith etc. Obviously local residents' lives in the immediate area have been affected badly. My view is that vast multi-national developers can browbeat local authorities and the GLA. A similar vast shopping area seems to be part of the Olympic Park plan-to the detriment of nearby shopping areas such as Roman Road.