Thursday, 28 May 2009

48 hour Tube Strike June 9th onwards

bob-crowOur old friend Communist Bob has confirmed my predictions almost exactly. The RMT have just announced that, surprise surprise, they will call a 48 hour walkout which just so happens to coincide with a big football match. In this case the World Cup qualifier between England and Andorra.

Bob of course had to re-stage this ballot among his members because the last one was illegal. And as it is over 6,000 of his own members did not vote for the strike. But no matter, with his hard left agenda he is dead set on what he obviously regards as his crowning glory - the ability to bring London to a stand still and us all with it.

What I find most sickening is that another thing is very predictable about this too - a last minute cave in by Transport for London. Expect this to happen within 24-48 hours before the strike. Tube drivers are already on £40K plus, with well in excess of 30 days holiday per year. Its one of the most secure and frankly cushy jobs in the Capital. But they want 5% more with no strings attached. 5% that's right. In a recession.

Or will someone have the guts to stand up to this dinosaur for once and put him back in his box? You can read the world according to the RMT here

UPDATE SUNDAY NIGHT: Shepherd's Bush dwellers should remember that they can use the Overground between Clapham Junction and Stratford with many tube connections along the way. No problems are forecast along that route. Buses will be running from most places the Overground stops at, for example Willesden Junction. I usually go to South London to work on the Victoria Line but the Overground gets me to Clapham Junction from Shepherd's Bush in just over 10 minutes. And I get to see the Thames. There are lots of buses from there all over the place.

UPDATE MONDAY MORNING: As predicted Transport for London are beginning to cave in, they have just tabled a new and improved offer to the RMT. More of our money for less work. Read the latest here. On the plus side this might avert the strike altogether. On the minus side this means that in the long run we will be here again because it proves, once again, that we can be held to ransom.

UPDATE MONDAY AFTERNOON: Unofficial noises out of the meetings this afternoon between RMT and London Underground are that the strike will be called off. More here.

UPDATE TUESDAY MORNING: I'm afraid the strike is very much on. Last night talks broke down completely.  Transport for London have put a travel tool up which will help you calculate alternative journeys. You can find it here. Good luck everyone. To be honest if you have never lived through one of these before you're best off not even trying to travel if you don't have to. Extra buses sounds great but you won't be able to get on them through the 15-deep crowd! The strike starts at 1859 hours tonight - get off home well before then.

UPDATE TUESDAY LUNCHTIME: Talks have been re-started at ACAS. TfL could still do their usual last minute cave-in and the strike could be off after all. More here.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY MORNING: We're in full swing strike mode. Good luck. The best idea is not to travel at all. Failing that Bush dwellers should use the Overground in my view, or if you can get on a bus there are plenty going in to the west end but they'll be packed. Also dont forget the Thames Path down by hammersmith, its a really beautiful walk by the river with no cars and will take you along the river as far as Wandsworth, for where you could cross into central London on the Battersea Bridge.

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