Monday, 11 May 2009

W12 shopping centre to close?

W12 CentreI have been a regular visitor to the W12 Centre for a few years now as the gym I use, Fitness First, is based inside. Over those years I've witnessed the slow decline of a centre that was radically speeded up once Westfield over the road opened its doors.

Not only did the shops start closing and moving out but even the buses stopped stopping outside. For a while even the tube closed as well, all down to Westfield.

Now it would appear Vue cinemas, which has has a 12 screen cinema inside the centre, is moving out as well. They deny this publicly but have just signed a deal to open a large new cinema inside Westfield. You can't imagine them having both open at the same time.

That has got to be the deathknell for the W12 Centre - for over a year now on the many vacant shop lots the W12 Centre has posted signs with pictures of people saying "are you thinking what we're thinking?" in an attempt to entice new business to open up shop. The only thing I'm thinking is that if you can't flog the space after all that time its got to be curtains sometime soon!

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