Monday, 18 May 2009

Victoria Line strike this thursday 21st May

victoria-lineOn my journey down the Victoria Line today there was an announcement at nearly every station that there will be another strike this thursday, which judging by last time will close the entire line. Bewarned.

The reason is that Communist Bob has set his heart on another summer of strikes, basically. Their official reason is that they are unhappy that Transport for London have not fitted some new doors. Which are going to be fitted in less than a year anyway. So to hell with the rest of us.

Shepherd's Bush dwellers should remember that they can use the Overground between Clapham Junction and Stratford with many tube connections along the way. No problems are forecast on that route. I usually go to South London to work on the Victoria but the Overground gets me to Clapham Junction from Shepherds Bush in just over 10 minutes. There are lots of buses from there to all over the place.

You can read the world according to the RMT here

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