Thursday, 27 November 2008

roll back or throwback?

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Having sat in the car park that is shepherds bush green too many times to ever bother again I’m in two minds over today’s announcement that the Western Extension of the C-Charge is going.

On the one hand Ken imposed it against the manifest majority wishes of west Londoners, revealed by even his biased consultation, which has been a hallmark of TfL. (A strange decision from a man that used to rail against rigged elections when Labour didn’t select him as candidate – against the wishes of most Labour Party members)

But on the other, when do we depart from majority rule in favour of breaking some egg shells in favour of the environment? And when is that justified?

I was in Kathmandu, Nepal, seven weeks ago. The air pollution there has to be experienced to be believed. The air is basically corrupt – so full of grit, smoke and chemicals that you choke. Even if you’re Nepali. And cut the smug feelings guys because at the present rate that’s where we’re headed.

Ken gambled that he could stick two fingers up at West Londoners and paid for it with his job. He now cuts a very sad figure still turning up at City Hall for meetings, as if he can somehow guarantee his election that way next time round. Boris has been politically very clever in doing this early in his term. No-one will remember it come election time. But does that make it right?


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