Saturday, 22 November 2008


Shepherd's Bush is one of the most diverse areas of London, and therefore the UK. And by 'diversity' we usually mean a range of ethnic backgrounds, my own family's for example is mixed.

But the publication this week of the BNP's membership list showed us two things. Firstly that their membership is tiny, which most people would see as reassuring. Secondly however, quite a few of them seem to have a W12 postcode, which is perhaps less so.

But should we be worried? The Bush has never to my knowledge experienced race related conflict, of the kind I was hearing about ona  recent peacebuilding event I took part in 2 weeks ago in Bradford West Yorkshire. And the only time you ever see big blokes in boots stomping down the road its either 11th November remembrance or Millwall fans on derby day (I still thank the day they were relegated having seen them attempt to tear up Loftus Road and then marched in columns to the tube by riot police down Uxbridge Road)

But what do you think? And have sales of bomber jackets in Shepherd's Bush Market been kept going by these people?


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