Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ginglik: what's the real story?

You might have read about Ginglik's campaign to save itself from being inundated with concrete as H&F council fill the subterrenean cavern up for good. Ginglik, which I didnt realise until recently, is a comedy and music club that is not so much on the Green as under it.

They apparently have a cult following but dont make a great deal of money. The Council want to close it down by not renewing the lease and then fill it up permanently. They say that its effectively being subsisdised and is a waste.

Ginglik's owners say that's rubbish and that in the long term their rent outstrips any money H&F might need to spend on the upkeep of the property as a landlord.

With Westfield radically altering the face of Shepherds Bush already I'm inclined to say keep Ginglik. But what about you?

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