Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Burger King: have it our way

burgerkingcupholder1I am rarely lost for words as those who know me will testify (usually in annoyance) but this little exchange left me speechless. Other than to observe that BK and Westfield clearly think that residents matter very very little indeed.

This is from ShepherdsBushw12.com

We asked Burger King when they would be opening, why they had chosen to open up in Westfield and whether they would be doing anything to ensure litter from takeaway packaging did not become an issue.

A Burger King spokesperson said: “Burger King is the home of the quality burger where customers can choose to ‘Have it 100% Your Way’. We offer customers a wide range of menu options and passionately care about what goes into those menu choices.


  1. We are still "benefitting" from, and always will as long as the damn joint is open, the litter and noise and endless burger seekers that actually have no where else to pull into but Macfarlane Road. They sit and graze in their cars and then toss all their crap out of the window into the street. It is a foul indictment of the lack of consideraton of some people. You should have a look at our website for the full flavour.

    http://macfarlane.ning.com/ very amateur! but I recommend the allblue video.

    We have yet to find out what businesses will fill the other two premises that face onto Wood Lane. They are too small to be restaurants so likely to be sandwicheries or newsagents I expect. Not much "footfall" in that part of the centre so may remain unoccupied for some time yet. The caff in the food station has alrady pushed off and I don't give Yam Yam much longer (as it is an odd concept to sell asian or stir fried noodles etc MICROWAVED) . I tried it once and never again. Yeuurch! They say that they do an hourly sweep within 50 metres of the BK restaurant but this clearly does not happen.

    Their latest red and white parasols on the terrace are just the icing on the hideous cake. It looks like a motorway service station. What next? Icecream vans and kissme quick hats?

  2. thats a really impressive local website, but wouldnt more people go to it if you didnt have to sign-up in order to get access?

    great videos though - I'll return to the topic soon. I actually only saw that BK was now open last week when I went through that entrance to Westfield on the weekend, have they been open for long?