Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Walkabout no more

The Walkabout, ironically named since most of its patrons were in no condition to do any such thing, has finally closed. The bar that brought us so much violence and vomit and even wanted a 2am license closed in a ceremony the Australian Times described including "...sport, snakebites, sweat patches, and that distinct Aussie spirit".


I suspect the residents around the Green may sleep a little better these days, and not have to clean so much sick up in the mornings. 


  1. Thanks God, such a disgraceful place...Now bring on a cool cocktail lounge bar for the residents.

  2. It has been bought by the same company that us building the hotel next door. Therefore I expect it will either be an annex or a restaurant to the hotel.

    Good news I think.

  3. I will miss the funny outfits patrons wore across the green , they added so much visual excitement to the bush. They all knew how to enjoy themselves. At least there were not any stabbings. I would guess more hotel rooms will be added to an already large hotel with branded bland restaurant

  4. It would have been nice to see it restored as a functioning arts cinema, perhaps, celebrating its history, rather than as some sort of hotel function room.