Friday, 25 October 2013

Highlights: QPR 2 Millwall 2

QPR are dominating the Championship. Much in the same way as they did under Neil Warnock who I interviewed for the blog following the club's promotion. Their eternal error in dismissing him ushered in the era of Mark Hughes, who was a disaster.

We find ourselves back in the Championship, then, but not where we started from. I am reminded of reporting the crazy days of managers headbutting players and guns being produced at board meetings. Oh, and owners who admired Adolf Hitler. Never again, Rs fans.

No, we have a Board and a manager in Harry Redknapp who are clearly focused on this season being another ending in a trophy and I wish them all the best. I now travel too much to get to many games but the atmospherics of this season compared to the gloom of last year are such a contrast.

Credit to QPR, then, for placing the highlights of every game on YouTube. Here are the 4 goals for the game against Millwall, which thankfully passed off peacefully. Getting out of this division is worth it if only to get away from that club - here's a reminder of when they last came to the Bush.

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