Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Crime in the Bush: Miranda Hart

Comedienne Miranda Hart, who lives in W6, was a victim of a house break in last Friday night as a result of which she lost her laptop. She has made a number of emotional appeals for its return, including the one on Twitter above, having clearly lost a lot of material which I imagine she had not backed up anywhere else.

A police spokesman said:
“Police were called to an address in Shepherd’s Bush to reports of a burglary on Friday 11 October at 11pm. A number of items were stolen.Officers from Hammersmith and Fulham are investigating. There have been no arrests.”
You have to assume there won't be any either, hence Ms hart's own offer of a reward for the return of the computer.


  1. I'm sure she'll have better luck with the police than I did when I was burgled and had two bikes and some tools stolen. The police didn't even bother to come out . They told me to "look on Ebay" for my bikes. Talk about lazy.

  2. I thought she lived in Hammersmith not Shepherds Bush?