Friday, 24 August 2012

Shepherd's Bush: Police update

Sgt Gilbert
Sergeant Steve Gilbert, of our award winning Safer Neighbourhood Team, has written an update for residents of W12 on the latest goings-on and offers some advice on those of you not wishing to be victims of crime anytime soon.

In particular there was an attempted robbery on Frithville Gardens this week which is worth knowing about since the would be robbers may try it again.

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Burglary crime rate is coming down. Part of this reason is members of community like you are calling the police to alert us to suspicious incidents and suspicious people. A prompt response by police is stopping the suspects before they commit crime and sending a clear message from us all that we are watching out for them.

In the Shepherds Bush area the burglary rate is very low.

Last night an unknown suspect tried to jemmy open a downstairs window of a house in Frithville Gardens W12. They didn't manage to get in but this has alerted us that they may try again in the area. Some burglars commit several crimes before they are caught so we want to catch this suspect promptly.

On this occasion they have tried to force open a sash window. If you have a sash window please make sure that all ground floor windows and accessible first floor windows are kept locked when you are not around. If they have no lock then I strongly advise you get one. On many occasions in my experience a person with an apparently painted shut, hasn't opened for years sash window has had it forced open by a burglar, so please lock it.

Please look after your own property and look out for your neighbours.

If you see a suspicious person loitering in someone's garden then call 999 immediately. We want to catch them. Make a note of what they look like and where they go if they leave before we get there. If it is an innocent person, no worry, we are fair people and prefer to attend and assess all calls. There is no recourse back on you. If necessary we do not need to attend your home so no one will even know it was you that has called?

Another subject whilst I have your attention is that of Pickpockets and Bag Thieves. Unlike Burglary these crimes are still increasing. We need your help and support to look after your belongings whilst you are out. Never leave your bag under a chair or hanging on the back of a baby's push chair. I have seen video footage of several persons taking property from this situation and to be honest no one around them bats an eyelid. Please keep a look out for suspicious people and when possible please alert the security or the police. It can be devastating to someone when they lose their mobile phone or their laptop computer in this way.

Thanks for all your help,


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