Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Police chase vehicle smash in W12

A police car involved in a car chase collided with a vehicle resulting in one arrest and an ongoing search for another according to a statement I have been sent this afternoon.

This follows inquiries from several of you who had come across what sounds like a pretty dramatic scene last night.

Here's the official version:
"Officers from Paddington, Brent and FH were involved in the pursuit of a vehicle stolen during a burglary in Paddington on the 13/08.

A collision occurred between a police vehicle and the stolen vehicle. The two males in the stolen vehicle ran off, one was detained in a garden nearby, the other made good his escape. An officer from Brent was injured during the incident.

A 20 yr old male remains in custody at Wembley Police Station where he is being questioned in relation to numerous burglaries, theft from motor vehicles, dangerous driving. The male was also wanted for being recalled to prison by the Home Office. CID officers from Brent, Paddington andNotting Hill are dealing with him".
And here's how things looked to Luke, a reader of this blog speaking earlier:
"I was walking home at 2200 last night to find a number of police cars, vans around the Green pub on the Uxbridge road and side streets.
 A police van had rammed a VW onto the curb on the wrong side of the road and there were about 20 policemen/women. A young policeman was on a step in complete shock by Shepherd's bush market station being helped by his colleagues. As I walked on a helicopter arrived".


  1. Are Luke and Bryan the same person? ;)

  2. Lol. No, I can confirm that I am not Luke! Thanks for the update Chris.

  3. Does this explain the helicopter last night? We were out on our back step watching and trying to figure out why the helicopter was up there and also the sheer noise it was making.

  4. Yes, mainly hovering around Wood Lane / White City way.

  5. Cheers Bryan Plumb. The other half and me were trying to figure out if there was something going on at the BBC a visit by some body that may have warranted a police helicopter. Makes sense now I suppose. Was a big old helicopter and the noise it made was deafening.

  6. I got a tweet from the Police helicopter - "believe that was when we were looking for a suspect who assaulted a police officer". They did a Q&A last night.