Sunday, 26 August 2012

White City flooded in latest Thames Water burst

Wood Lane was flooded by another burst main from Thames Water this afternoon, threatenting the closure of the central line next door and leading police to cordon off parts of the road. Residents reported being fearful for their properties while the utility company was forced to switch off the water supply to the area. You can see the extraordinary scenes in the video above taken by Rob Coxwell.

This is not the first example of water being massively wasted by Thames Water, it seems to be a regular occurence. And as an illustration of how much importance they seem to attach to talking to ordinary people they studiously ignored all references to it on their Twitter feed - until Greater London Authority member Murad Qureshi responded to one of my own tweets and asked where it was. All of a sudden there was an immediate explanation.

 So you may wish to bear that in mind next time you see another Thames Water advert telling you not to waste water. Nobody wastes it on the scale of Thames Water themselves.

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