Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mudlarks: New play at the Bush

Bush Theatre on opening day
Did you know you can get cheap tickets at the Bush Theatre if you live in W12? Join as a "Bush Local" member on their website and they'll email you details of new shows coming up complete with a pricing structure that is a little kinder to your wallet.

Coming next is a production called "Mudlarks" which, from my phillistine's vantage point, seems to be one of those intense-find-out-stuff-you-never-knew-about-each-other things. Set on a mudflat it features a bunch of young lads on the run and nowhere to go but to talk to each other about deep stuff.

Here's the write up:
The water looks sort of angry, don’t it? Racing across the mud. Like it’s coming for us! Haven’t got long. We have to move soon.

On the muddy banks of the River Thames, downstream from the bright lights of London, three boys hide from the police after a night of recklessness. Over the course of the freezing night their fears, secrets and dreams emerge, collide and combust revealing the desperate frustration of lives barely led but already ravaged. 

Essex-born Vickie Donoghue’s powerful debut exposes the culture she grew up with and sees on a daily basis. With brutal honesty she explores how the impulse to dream is futile in the context of a reality that has no space for dreamers. A sell-out show at Theatre503 and HighTide Festival, Mudlarks heralds the arrival of an urgent new voice in British theatre.
The Bush Theatre is one of the gems of W12 and well worth a visit, if only to use the cafe during the day. They have somewhat strained relations with their immediate neighbours in the Market, being firm believers and supporters of the Council's plan to allow Orion the property developers to build their flats on top of it, but that shouldn't stop you investigating the very well thought-of productions that regularly feature on their stage.


  1. the fact that they are against the market & support the development makes me not want to go in there. It part of the slow, inexorable journey towards the bush being gentrified into the new notting hill.

    Can we not meet in the middle?

  2. I saw this play at Theatre503 and it turns out it packs quite a punch. 70 minutes of some pretty high octane drama - so I'm glad to report there is no talking about "deep stuff" and sitting around.

  3. The Bush theatre very kindly offered complimentary tickets to a local school as a prize in fund raising raffle. Very nice people.

  4. The Bush Theatre is awesome - fantastic plays and a great cafe. Well worth local support!