Tuesday, 16 June 2009

What is the point of the 266 bus?

266Much gets said locally about the utter waste of space that is the 266 bus route linking Hammersmith to the Brent Cross shopping centre. It has to be one of the most complained about routes in London and the local Council even regularly slate it in their own freesheet. Transport for London always just reply that actually its really regular, and then when they're forced to admit its not, blame traffic problems out of their control.

Why then did I have to wait over 40 minutes last night for a 266 from Hammersmith to the Askew/Uxbridge Road Corner? There are no traffic problems in Hammersmith at that time of night and in any case Hammersmith is the *start* of the route; even when I called the TfL "helpline" the operator did not know of any problems that should be affecting it. When I told her I was enquiring about the 266 she just sighed.

When one eventually came along, with none having arrived when they were due at 2106, or 2120 the driver himself was obviously in a rush. Careering up the Paddenswick Road and then Askew Road, audibly tutting when people rang the bell and screeching to a halt at a zebra crossing. Why should we have to put up with this?


  1. I too have wasted many hours waiting for the mysterious 266. Its rare that you just see one. Once I got on it and the bus driver didn't know the route and started driving toward Chiswick.

  2. sadly that doesn't surprise me at all! I also see women with pushchairs regularly turned away when there is plenty of room inside. They just can't be bothered.

  3. Yes and yes and yes.
    Almost always quicker to walk to Hammersmith or Rav Pk from the Askew Road than wait for the bus.
    The drivers are psychos, and you're right: they hate mums with pushchairs.
    Another reason given for its poor performance is that it's just too long.
    But now that we've got Westfield, do we need a bus that goes to Brent Cross. Couldn't they cut it in two, or cut the north half off the route?

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